Play a game, change the world. Jukko in our member spotlight!

Certifiably is based on the proposition that values driven companies want to work together because they’re like-minded—they share the same organizational values. Of course, it would only make sense that this same basic sentiment extends to consumers as well. They want to know that their values match the values of the companies with whom they do business—that their purchases and brand interactions are not purely a commercial exchange (goods or services for their hard-earned cash), but also a way to contribute to an even greater good. And it doesn’t end there. Consumers also want to fell as if they are part of the change—and have an experience of it. So, how can socially responsible companies make that happen? It’s an attempt to answer that question that led Elizabeth Sarquis to develop Jukko

Jukko is a mobile platform that allows socially conscious brand partners to tell their stories via mobile app and mobile game advertising.  User engagement results in a contribution to specific partnered non-profit impact projects. But that’s just the beginning. Jukko then allows consumers to easily track the real impact they’re having via their engagement with these brands. So, great for consumers, yes, but also great for brands. They’re able to forge an authentic relationship with consumers that boosts adoption and increases loyalty. And for the app developers? Jukko gives them a viable monetization strategy with relevant advertising that maintains the integrity of the user experience. We’d call that a win-win-win. 

Congratulations to Jukko for the development of such a brilliant and important idea, and thank you for being a part of our Certifiably family! You can learn more about Jukko and explore how they might help your company fulfill its mission of using business as a force for good by visiting

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