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Buy Certifiably: The Market Hub for Impact B2B gives you the right to future shares in their company. The first $10,000 subscribed will get a 30% discount on those shares. All incremental investments beyond that will receive a 20% discount instead. You’re speculating that the company will be worth more than $1,500,000 in the future. 

The Problem
The world needs more businesses that are women & minority owned, LGBTQ owned, veteran owned, and B-corps. They're values driven & mission minded. They strive to bring equity, inclusion, and sustainability to the world while they do business. But the problem is it's very hard for these companies to find and do business with each other...until now. That's why we built CERTFIABLY.

What are Values-Driven Businesses?
Values-Driven businesses (aka impact businesses) are run by women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ, and B-corps and they are historically underrepresented amongst the largest global companies.

So, Why Invest in CERTIFIABLY?
1. Consumers Demand More from their Companies & Brands
They are willing to throw their loyalty behind brands who have a greater mission and purpose towards social & environmental issues. A majority of consumers feel that it’s a company’s obligation to improve on these issues (Cone Communications).

2. Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Spending is on the Rise
As many as 82% of Fortune 500 companies now publish annual Sustainability Reports (GAI). Corporate sustainability & responsibility is here to stay.

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