Babo Botanicals: Natural Skin Care B Corp in our Member Spotlight!

Bees, a baby, and a stuffed bunny named Babo. 

Is it:
A) An elevator pitch for the next big Hollywood comedy blockbuster? 
B) The weirdest Jeopardy answer ever? 
C) The origin story of a growing all-natural skin care company that’s won numerous awards, is committed to multiple important social causes, and just happens to be a Certified B Corporation and member of Certifiably? 

Okay, so maybe we tipped the answer with that “member of Certifiably” part. Now let us tip you to why we love Babo Botanicals. 

Founder Kate Solomon, a former hair and skincare product developer for L’oreal, LVMH, Avon and Redken, started her company after the birth of her first child. Unable to find a skincare brand that satisfied her professional standards and her desire to use safe and natural products for her new baby, she decided to create her own line. Love that female entrepreneurial spirit! The “Babo” of Babo Botanicals was the name of her baby boy’s favorite stuffed bunny—a fitting symbol of safety, comfort and security. And that whole “bees” thing? Kate’s father was an avid beekeeper and passed along his love to his daughter. Her passion for beekeeping stoked a broader enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture and the use of the power of plants in medicine and skin care treatments. In Kate’s words, “The creation of Babo was a culmination of all these things.”

You can learn more about Kate’s values based leadership and mission and get her entire personal story at While you’re there, you can check out her incredible line of skin and hair care products for kids and adults (all with pure plant actives and naturally-derived, certified organic and all-natural ingredients) and learn more about the company’s commitment to urban farming and nutrition education for children. 

Babo Botanicals, we salute your organizational values and are proud to have you as a member of Certifiably!

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