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Play a game, change the world. Jukko in our member spotlight!

Certifiably is based on the proposition that values driven companies want to work together because they’re like-minded—they share the same organizational values. Of course, it would only make sense...

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Babo Botanicals: Natural Skin Care B Corp in our Member Spotlight!

Bees, a baby, and a stuffed bunny named Babo.  Is it: A) An elevator pitch for the next big Hollywood comedy blockbuster?  B) The weirdest Jeopardy answer ever?  C) The...

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Buy Certifiably: The Market Hub for Impact B2B! Invest today!

Click here to invest in Certifiably!  Buy Certifiably: The Market Hub for Impact B2B gives you the right to future shares in their company. The first $10,000 subscribed will...

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